Unionville Co-operative Nursery School

The involvement of the parents in the preschool education of their children results in lower fees and it provides the parents with a valuable opportunity to observe and interact with their children in their school environment. It offers an excellent opportunity to see what and how your child is being taught, and how he or she interacts in a group.


At the preschool, children are encouraged to develop a positive self-image in a happy, relaxed atmosphere where they can have fun while they learn.

Development of gross and fine motor skills, creativity and imagination, listening skills and co-operation with others are stressed.

The program is enhanced by music and several visitors to the school. Daily activities include outside play in our C.S.A. approved playground.


Unionville Co-op Nursery School
Central United Church
131 Main Street
Unionville, Ontario L3R 2G3
(905) 474-0403